Nourish to Flourish: A Deep Dive into Healthy Eating with Lorraine Korobanik

Welcome to the Healthy Eating section of my blog, where nutrition meets my lifelong passion and expertise. As a dedicated fitness professional, personal trainer, and yoga instructor based in Kamloops, I've always believed that the foundation of any fitness journey is deeply rooted in what we consume. In this space, I'll be sharing insightful articles that explore the intricate world of healthy eating, its profound impact on fitness, and its essential role in promoting overall health and well-being. Whether you're a fellow fitness enthusiast or someone just starting their journey to healthier food choices, there's something here for you. And if you're craving delicious yet nutritious recipes, be sure to head over to my recipes category, brimming with wholesome snacks and meals to nourish both body and soul.

Healthy Eating, Belly Fat & Weight Loss

August 30th 2023

Discover the factors influencing weight gain, the dangers of visceral belly fat, and effective strategies for reducing it. Learn the significance of waist measurement for health risks and get actionable tips for a healthier lifestyle and targeted weight loss.

Kick Your Sugar Cravings to the Curb!

October 28th 2020

Powerful sugar cravings want to turn you into an overweight, unhealthy sugar junkie - let me help you fight them!

Cost Effective Healthy Eating

October 16th 2020

Tips to help you eat healthier without having to break the bank!