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Our brains are sophisticated control centres in charge of running all our bodily systems, whether physical, emotional or mental. Our brains are responsible for everything, so when we feel that we are not functioning at our best, it is important to look at the health of the brain in addition to such things as our level of physical fitness and diet.

Brains are made up of living tissue, and as such, are susceptible to the effects of pollution, poor diets, free radicals, medication, anxiety, hormonal changes, and the stresses of our everyday lives. The various complaints we suffer from are signs the brain is not functioning at its best.

So how do we get our brains back to running optimally? With neurofeedback, of course. And the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system we use at NeuroFit Technologies and Lorraine Korobanik Fitness.

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What is Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a proven tool for transforming you health through neuro-technology that trains your brain to function at its optimal level.

NeuroFit Technologies by Lorraine Korobanik Fitness is at the leading edge of the neuro-technology industry. This system is “diagnostically agnostic”, meaning the required expertise is built into the system and will focus on optimizing overall brain function. This approach naturally ameliorates most issues, no matter the source.

Neurofeedback is a painless, drug-free approach to optimizing the brain and therefore dramatically improving your physical, mental and cognitive functioning. Because it is holistic and deals with the control centre of your body, NeurOptimal® is effective and remarkably free of unwanted side effects.

When I think back to when I first became interested in bettering my overall health and wellness, I admit I didn’t see neurofeedback as part of the package. I didn’t even know what neurofeedback was! I am so grateful that a friend referred me to the nearest NeurOptimal® neurofeedback provider, as it rid me of daily chronic headaches that had plagued me for decades.

Why Use It

Neurofeedback creates positive change physically, emotionally, and cognitively in an effective, drug-free, and non-invasive way. It is safe and holistic!

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain? Insomnia? Brain fog? PTSD? Dependencies?
  • Are you concerned about memory loss and loss of brain plasticity?
  • Do you wish you were able to perform better academically, socially, athletically or artistically?

Many NeurOptimal® users report life-changing results across a wide variety of concerns and issues:

  • Elite athletes report improvements in their physical performance and mental stamina
  • Sufferers of sleeplessness notice better sleep patterns
  • Veterans state some relief in the extreme challenges they face after returning home from the war zone
  • Children suffering from communication and social issues become better able to handle their difficulties at school
  • Mentally clouded individuals, whether due to injury or life circumstances, reveal that they’ve rediscovered clarity to an extent they and their loved ones once believed was unattainable

The list goes on and on. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can and will improve the quality of your life - don’t wait until your situation becomes dire to get your brain back in the game. Call today and discover how this simple yet powerful tool can help you achieve the healthy life you were intended to live.

How It Works

Brainwaves are monitored and fed back to your contral nervous system via the use of an electroencephalogram to show your brain what it is doing on a second-by-second basis.

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Q. How many hours of experience does the NeurOptimal® system have backing its claims?
A. Over 3 million!

Q. Is there funding available for my autistic child to receive neurofeedback sessions?
A. YES! (Contact me for more info)

Q. Is neurofeedback a fame, fad, or gadget?
A. No. It is life-changing technology, firmly rooted in neuroscience. Click here to read more.


I have had 20 sessions with Lorraine at NeuroFit Technologies now and am very pleased with the results. I see a marked difference in my sleep patterns and energy levels. Such a calming experience… definitely want to continue on a maintenance level!
Cynthia, Kamloops BC


Single Sessions: $85/session

If purchasing a package:
Package A: 12 sessions $960 ($80/session)
Package B: 15 sessions $1125 ($75/sessions)
Package C: 20 sessions $1400 ($70/session

Family Package D: 24 sessions $1560 ($65/session)
Family Package E: 40 sessions $2400 ($60/session)

Sessions may still be paid for BY THE SESSION once a contract for the Package is signed; otherwise full payment is required upfront.