Many people have turned to Online Training as an independent step towards improving their health and fitness. For those of us who feel confident using apps and navigating through the online world, it is an absolute game-changer in terms of cutting down time and expense on travel, parking and other extras. If you are NOT yet sure this is the avenue for you, and you're still looking into trainers and what sets us apart, please feel free to visit my About and Credentials pages. 

Although in-person training is fun and interactive, it isn't always practical or maintainable. If you are looking to be trained online, with all the support you need, I've got you covered. We are so lucky to have so many means of communication at our disposal, that it makes onlline training much easier than ever before! At this point, if you're looking into onine training, you likely have a good idea of why online learning is so appealing, but it never hurts to be reminded, and interestingly enough, my blog, "7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me to Train You at Home" rings true for online training as well!

Once you've made the committment to train online with me, we will get you set up with the EverFit app, where you will be able to view your program, check your progress, watch demo videos, communicate with me and more. Talk about simple! And yes, Online Training with me is as personalized for you as my One-on-One Personal Training, as I build your program specific to your needs and goals, and taking your health history and fitness level into account.

Choose the number of months you'll be committing to and feel free to pay monthly or in one lump sum. You'll never be sorry you did - because you and your health are WORTH it!

3 Months $900

6 Months $1600

9 Months $2200

12 Months $2600