Dina McLeod
Owner of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

July 2020

When I first walked into the yoga studio Lorraine was teaching at, I was immediately embraced by her warm smile and accepting energy. As class began I knew she was pure of heart with kind intentions. The practice was both challenging and rejuvenating. I left feeling stress-free and recharged! Thank you Lorraine for bringing your most radiant self to every class you offer.

If you haven't been to one of Lorraine's fitness classes, do yourself and favour and make time! She is a firecracker! She is a committed professional, offering cues or modification for all, whether you're a beginner or an athlete! Her energy is contagious! She leads by example, empowering and inspiring everyone she meets. You'll leave her fitness classes feeling completely alive and wonderfully exhausted!  

Janet Harder

June 2020

After many years of being the classic couch potato, my sister offered to pay for me to attend a month at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. My first fitness class was with Lorraine, and I was instantly hooked. The fun, enthusiasm and passion she has as an instructor has helped me keep my new lifestyle change. She genuinely cares for each and every class member, and greatly desires for us to succeed. I truly appreciate how she pays such close attention to ensuring that we are doing the exercises forms properly, and at whatever level we feel comfortable at. Over the last year, I have lost 30 lbs, and have seen such a shape in my body that I am no longer afraid to walk past I mirror. I no longer cringe. I stop and celebrate my success and give Lorraine’s ongoing love, guidance and cheerleading credit for a big part of my success. No matter how old/young you are, Lorraine is your girl! She is a truly knowledgeable, gifted instructor who I would recommend wholeheartedly.

Marty Gibbons

May 2020

Prior to this year I have never practiced yoga. At 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighing in around 275 pounds with the gracefulness of a Bull Moose, I am not the person someone would expect to find in a Yoga Studio. But after one class with Lorraine and I was hooked.

Lorraine has an amazing ability to make everyone in the class feel welcome and included, in addition, Lorraine brings an unmatched level of positive energy to her classes. She also has a gift for explaining yoga positions in a down to earth understandable way even a bull moose lie me can understand. If I were to describe Lorraine’s teaching style in one word it would be inspirational! Lorraine truly cares and believes in what she does, and it shows in every class!!

Heather Newport

February 2020

Lorraine is an AMAZING trainer! Her workout plans are well thought out and get you awesome results for any fitness level. My daughter and I have enjoyed her instruction for over two years now and still can’t enough of her!

Recently Lorraine started training my 13 year old son who was having some self-esteem issues. My husband and I noticed a difference in his attitude towards himself immediately and within a six month time span he has slimmed down, gotten stronger, laughed a lot and only has kind things to say about himself and his body!! Parent Win!!!

Over all I would highly recommend Lorraine Korobanik to anyone who wants to get stronger, feel better and have fun!

Melanie Dergez

November 2019

As I entered my mid 40’s, I realized I was tired of not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to look healthy and fit, have more energy and be a good role model for my kids.

Initially I was fearful of meeting someone whom I’d have to work out in front of, but once I met Lorraine, all that went to the wayside and never crossed my mind. She is approachable and her positive energy is contagious. She always made me feel welcomed and supported. I was so pleased that she gave a workout plan that worked in my own home, and her consistent mentorship helped keep me accountable.

Lorraine is genuine, transparent and knowledgeable. She truly had my goals in mind, and when needed, she was flexible and modified things for me. Each time we met, the workout was done before I knew it and I was excited to come back for more. I was inspired by her, and now, not only do I have more stamina than before, but I am more mindful of the importance of taking the time to invest in myself.

Shalen (Shay) Curle
Owner of Let’s Move Studio

October 2019

Lorraine is a little firecracker whose love for life and positive energy is infectious. I’ve seen Lorraine teach lively POUND classes as well as gentle all-levels Yoga classes. Regardless of what (or whom) she is instructing, she is a true professional in every way. She has a good eye for all the little management pieces: arriving early, being thorough in her set-up, planning a varied class sandwiched between distinctive warm-ups and cool-downs, and also ensuring clients have everything they need before starting and leaving.

Lorraine has a super welcoming personality that puts new clients at ease and she makes sure to connect with everyone in class. She demonstrates all moves in ways that everyone can understand and offers modifications as well.

I really appreciate Lorraine’s attention to detail and dedication to her clients. She makes everyone feel special, inspires them to dig deep and leaves them with a little piece of sunshine to take with them on their journey.

Lisa Watson

August 2018

Lorraine is one of the most professional trainers I have met. She puts every effort into making sure her clients’ needs are known and met. She will always go the extra mile. The thing that really makes Lorraine stand out from other trainers is the fact that she has so many levels of experience and knowledge. Having been a school teacher, she has great patience and compassion. As a yoga teacher, she [not only] has a deeper knowledge of the anatomy of the physical body, but also how to obtain the most benefit from your workout through breath and mindful movement, not to mention guiding you on finding a new awareness and appreciation for your own body and self as a whole. If you are looking for someone who is non-intimidating, who knows how to push your limits in way that inspires you to want more, I recommend Lorraine. She is fun, loving and always will greet you with her bright shiny smile. Thank you Lorraine for all that you do!

Gaby Berry

November 2017

Lorraine is a great trainer! She listens to your goals, and gives you many avenues to achieve them. I was nervous, and I kept putting off getting a trainer but as soon as I met Lorraine she made gym fitness so fun! Thank you Lorraine!

Diana Ryan

November 2017

If you want a trainer, a guide thru the intimidating world of a gym/fitness center, Lorraine is the lady to talk to. Lorraine helped us, my husband and myself, feel very comfortable and accepted at the gym.

We are in our 60s, have never been into exercise, we walked, thought we would never, ever set foot in “The Gym”. We knew we had to do something for our health, we researched gyms and trainers online, found Lorraine, read her bio, along with many others. Lorraine sounded like she would be someone we could work with, went to the gym, No Limits, after meeting a co-owner and Lorraine.

We chose to do 20 sessions of training, learned how to do things the right way, so we didn’t injure ourselves. Lorraine is wonderful and it is because of her training, skills, positive attitude and supportive approach we continue to go to the gym on our own. We had fun, felt better, Lorraine and the staff made us feel so welcome. Thank you so very much!

Michelle Hawkey Teshima

November 2017

Lorraine is an amazing trainer and I feel very confident in recommending her to anyone. She is very dedicated and you can see it is definitely her passion! One session and I’m sure you will agree!

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