Elisheva Byrd

November 2023

Neurofeedback was recommended to me by my therapist. I had not experienced it before so when I first began my Neurofeedback journey, I could not have preferred a better practitioner than Lorraine. I was going through a very trying time and Lorraine made me feel safe. I liked that she was mobile and came to my accommodation to facilitate. This made it easier for me and it was comfortable to be in my own, familiar environment. Each session she ensured that  I felt comfortable and patiently answered any questions or observations that I had post-session. Neurofeedback is an incredibly powerful tool to help heal the brain. For my journey so far, I have experienced greater concentration and mental clarity (no more brain fog),the ability to self regulate my emotions, having a much higher window of tolerance, cured hay fever symptoms, lowered anxiety and depression, and huge sleep improvement. I highly recommend both Lorraine and Neurofeedback!

Amanda Olson

January 2023

I reached out to Lorraine after a long two years of being fully focussed on in-person teaching throughout CoVid. I'd neglected my own needs, and was looking for someone to support me. I'm generally an active person, but I despise the gym and gym culture. I was looking for someone who knew what they were doing, but who didn't seem intimidating. Lorraine is that person!

Lorraine meets you where you're at, provides boundless energy and enthusiasm for your own unique goals, and gently coaches you through the tough moments until you suddenly realize you're stronger than you used to be! She's knowledgeable and flexible enough to switch exercises in the moment, if need be, meaning your body is getting exaclty what it needs on that particular day.

Lorraine cares about her clients, and her coaching extends past your in-person session. If you're like me and need encouragement to focus on yourself, she'll happily text you playful reminders to drink your water, eat your breakfast, and do your workout at home. 

Workout sessions become something you enjoy, as they're one of the most uplifting parts of your day, and you begin to see the results you couldn't have achieved on your own. I highly recommend working with Lorraine!

Debbie Thom

December 2022

I highly recommend Lorraine as a Personal Trainer. Lorraine's energy and enthusiasm have been instrumental in supporting me as I work towards my fitness goals. This positive approach has helped me maintain focus and motivation. I have appreciated Lorraine's creativity in the development of updated fitness plans. Lorraine's encouragement and welcoming smile are always a great way to start a personal training session.

Stephanie Glen

July 2022

Lorraine is an excellent personal trainer. Her positive and upbeat approach to training is inspiring and motivating. I enjoy each session and leave feeling inspired and committed to my health goals. She provides a supportive and non-intimidating environment which is helpful if you’re just returning to exercise and training.

Lorraine is also great at incorporating feedback into her training sessions so that our sessions are tailored to include exercises that I really enjoy vs. others that I don’t.

Despite some recent injuries, Lorraine has been patient, supportive, and willing to adapt our workouts to accommodate my injuries in order to continue training. As it turns out, it’s always possible to have a great workout despite being injured!

Lynda Trudeau

August 2021

Lorraine is energetic and so much fun to train with. She got me through this pandemic with consistent, challenging workouts that kept my body and mental health in check. It's been well over a year that I have been training with her and I would recommend her to anyone looking for that one-on-one support. Set some goals and you will see yourself reaching them with Lorraine's guidance. Thanks Lo!

Meghan Hayre

July 2021

Lorraine is exactly who you need in your corner to get your fitness goals back on track! She is very knowledgeable and provides variations if something doesn’t work for you, or ideas for building on your workout plans going forward. I was pushed to my limits but not too sore to move afterwards. Her positive attitude is contagious and motivating! I would give 10 stars if I could! Thanks so much Lorraine! 

Dulce Osiiris Landin

October 2020

I started the gym (in Kamloops) by myself and I found it very intimidating. Everyone else seemed to know what they were doing but me, so I decided to find a trainer. I wanted someone that makes me feel comfortable since I have to deal with anxiety problems and I didn't want to get discouraged. I found Lorraine, and she is the sweetest, nicest, most inspiring person I could hope to find for this. She listened, she encouraged me, and she was there to help me all the way through. She is very helpful and committed. I think that it is worth it to invest in ourselves, and getting a trainer made a difference in the way I see exercise. Lorraine definitely helped me accomplish my first goal: not being afraid of working out and using gym equipment and I am very thankful for that.

Shelly Laporte

September 2020

Lorraine was our instructor on my very first day at Oxygen. She was so friendly and welcoming. She has good, positive energy, lots of enthusiasm and is very professional. Her classes are always different, providing lots of variety and new challenges. I was hooked right away.

Lorraine provides a lot of modifications for every level and she is very careful to remind us of proper position to avoid injury. I appreciate that. I really think there is something for everyone no matter what stage you are at. She inspires me every time.

LaRae Johnson

August 2020

Lorraine’s Energy times 100! - her continuous Giggles and Smiles and Encouragement! Her Ability to have "you" find that extra strength as she puts you through your paces – AND most importantly to me – Lorraine's "I'm so glad you are here" attitude, no matter your ability, keeps me not only coming back for the exercise but also to get a dose of her "love of life, movement and teaching" – Classes are full of laughter – smiles and groans - and those of us who come are always laughing and happy when we leave (maybe a little sore too – but its all for the good!)

Glenda Haywood

July 2020

I am a better person when I exercise regularly. Whether I train one on one with a personal trainer or take part in fitness classes, I am more motivated and successful on my fitness journey.

In January 2018, a new instructor took over a class I was a part of. Boy did I work hard! I felt great at the end of that class. Lorraine was that new instructor. The class grew as a result of her excellent teaching style and upbeat manner.

Eventually I moved to a studio where Lorraine leads two classes that I try never to miss. I love that Lorraine’s classes have so much variety of exercise - I do not get bored! If a modification is needed, Lorraine usually gives several ways to do that exercise. If help is needed, Lorraine makes sure you get that.

Lorraine is one of the best fitness trainer that I know. She is clear in the correct manner to do a specific exercise, she is patient and she knows how to bust a move! Do yourself a favour and spend some time with her.

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