Kamloops’ #1 Personal Trainer for 2020 & 2021

Kamloops’ #1 Personal Trainer for 2020 & 2021,

Kamloops’ #1 Personal Trainer for 2020 & 2021

Being a Personal Trainer is one of the greatest privileges I cherish. Individuals just like you put their faith and trust in me to listen to their concerns, pay attention to their health history, build them an individualized fitness program and demonstrate the exercises they need to perform to reach their fitness goals. I take this incredible responsibility seriously, and when combined with the personality that is uniquely Lorraine Korobanik, you get voted by the public as Kamloops’ Readers’ Choice Awards Winner as Best Personal Trainer two years in a row!

What has made me stand out amongst the MANY amazing and talented Personal Trainers here in Kamloops? Well, I can’t say with 100% certainty that any one trait pushed me to the top, but I’ll relay to you what my clients have thanked me for over the last couple years. First off, I am authentic. At my age (yes, I turned 50 in June 2021 even though I look younger) I do not have the time or energy to pretend to be something I’m not. I am not a power lifter and I am not interested in training for the stage. I look up to those fitness professionals who are/do so, but that is not my niche. So, if/when clients come to me who want this kind of training, I point them in the direction of someone more interested and experienced in that area of the fitness industry. I am not in this line of work for the money; I am in it for the rush I get from seeing my clients grow stronger and healthier. Therefore, what you see is what you get: an open, thorough, articulate professional who has years of personal and professional experience with weight loss/gain, strength training and flexibility training.

Along the same vein, I provide a safe and welcoming environment, and show that I care. It can be downright terrifying to start something new – especially when it might entail doing things in front of people that you’ve never even done before! I still remember hiring a Personal Trainer in my early 30’s…I was so nervous. Unfortunately, the fellow had very little personality and didn’t seem at all interested in anything other than what I was able to do physically. As a former educator, I know that in order to be successful, we need to be engaged physically, mentally and emotionally. Thankfully, my personality is such that people feel instantly comfortable with me and I engage them in questions and discussions that fuel open, fun, real conversations. I care about my clients’ whole person and they can sense that.

Besides having the personality and empathy needed to be a successful trainer, I am also a life-long learner. I invest in continuing education and teach my clients accordingly. I attained honours standing throughout grade school and university (which I attended for 6 years and from which I received 2 degrees),love reading and learning new things, and so in my “spare” time, I read fitness journals and research materials on the latest and greatest in the fitness industry. I take relevant courses from well-known, respected fitness organizations every year and, by doing so, expand my knowledge base. Information changes rapidly in our world today and so sticking with what’s always worked in the past just doesn’t cut it for me. Education and training are evident by the results I achieve.

I believe that people, being individuals, need individualized programs. I do not support cookie-cutter, pre-made plans that make life easier for the trainer but don’t necessarily meet the needs of the client. I RELISH the challenge of taking what I learn from people (what their limitations are, what their goals are, what they’ve tried in the past, etc) and building a personalized plan. The client then gets what he or she needs and is capable of doing, and my passion for the job never wanes as things are always new, fresh and exciting.

Finally, I lead by example. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had clients tell me how much they appreciated the fact that I engage in regular fitness classes and activities, follow my own training program, lead a healthy lifestyle and do yoga daily (did I mention I was also voted #1 Yoga Instructor?) It is simply counter-productive to have a leader whose mantra is basically “do as I say, not as I do”. I’ve had acquaintances of overweight trainers come to me instead as they didn’t feel as though they would learn much or be able to trust the trainer who obviously did not practice what he/she preached.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a top-notch personal trainer in Kamloops, you will likely find one. Our city is blessed to have a large pool of talented individuals who love what they do. I am over-the-moon at having been chosen for 2 years in a row as Kamloops’ #1 best Personal Trainer and hope that I’ve been able to explain the “why” behind the 220,000 votes this year. I look forward to doing this line of work for many more years, and hope that I’ll get the chance to train YOU! For more information regarding my Services, please take a few moments to check out more of this website; perhaps One-on-One Personal Training is where you'd like to start. Have fun!