Local Outdoor Fitness & Yoga's a GO!

Local Outdoor Fitness & Yoga

It would seem that those of us living in Kamloops, BC are finally getting the warmer weather we’ve all been hoping and praying would arrive. Not only does this mean getting out into our gardens and bringing out the motorbike or convertible, but it also means we can move from doing our fitness and yoga classes in front of our computers (thanks, Zoom) to the great outdoors!


With that being said, our city has decided that instructors may only lead classes in public areas IF they have pre-booked the open space AND paid a newly-instituted fee. For instructors such as myself, who have taken a massive cut in income due to the far-reaching-effects of the pandemic, this is just not plausible. Do you recall the old saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”? Well, I am willing to plan, I am willing to promote, and I am willing to bring both fitness and yoga to those who want/need it in the healthy fresh air of our beautiful city of Kamloops by using my riverside backyard as the venue. It has been working quite well for 3 weeks now and so I plan to continue these classes throughout the summer. Currently I am teaching them at 10 am Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and will add more times and/or days when dictated by demand (or request).


Perhaps you live quite some distance from the Dallas area of Kamloops where I reside and so find the location a limiting factor. As I mentioned, I am WILLING…willing to meet you in YOUR backyard, where you could gather 9 of your friends, co-workers, family or neighbours and have a socially-distanced fitness or yoga (or fusion) class. The wonderful thing about being outdoors 2-3 metres apart is that there is no need for a mask. You can enjoy the ability to breathe openly and freely in addition to feeling a breeze on your skin (and likely sweat running down your face – lol!).


So what do you need for your live outdoor class? It depends on the kind of class you book with me. If you’re looking for a fitness class, but do not wish to lug dumbbells about, we can do a super-fun, incredibly-effective Bodyweight Class or enjoy a class using resistance bands (I have enough for everyone and ensure they are well sanitized and pre-packaged so no one touches your band but you). For either a Fitness or Yoga class, everyone will need to bring their own yoga mat and water bottle, and if we are doing a Yoga class only, individuals may also wish to bring their own yoga blocks.  This is easier than packing up your family for a day at the beach, so check your calendar, compose your guest list of nine or less, and give me a call, text or email to set this up!


If you would like some more information about my Private Group Classes, check out that page to learn more!