Proper Planning Promotes Peak Performance

Proper Planning Promotes Peak Performance,

I met my husband Lenn in Kamloops in 2009, and back then, he had an interesting alliterated statement that he liked to use: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. We talked about that phrase often, and decided that instead of focussing on the negative, we would re-word this statement to be more positive: Proper Planning Promotes Peak Performance!

This statement absolutely rings true for me. I have always been highly organized and know that it’s because I like to do my best work. My BEST work only comes to fruition after I have properly planned for the success I am seeking. If you talk to the experts, they will agree. Without planning, we are like fish floundering out of water. 

So let me ask you this: have you let your exercise regime fall to the wayside? 

Did CoVid 19 set you back a month or two (or more!) in your fitness goals? 

Do you want to get your health and wellness goals back on track? 

Thankfully you don’t have to wait until New Years to set resolutions. Here are five things you can do NOW to re-focus and re-commit to your fitness objectives.

    1. Plan and book your workouts in advance. If you are into taking fitness classes or hiring a personal trainer, sign up for them as soon as they are available. If you’re heading to the gym or studio for cardio or weight training, have a detailed plan firmly in place so you spend your time there efficiently moving towards your goals. If this is not something you feel comfortable doing, ask someone in the know to assist you.

    2. Write your booked sessions into your schedule and COMMIT to attending them. You write your business meetings down to ensure you do not miss them; do the same for your fitness goals – your health is equally as important (if not more so) than your work. This goes for any type of fitness, whether it’s yoga, dance, hiking, weight training, etc. Make it a priority and follow through with your plans. 

    3. Planning, booking, and keeping your fitness appointments is easier if you have an accountability buddy. It is harder to blow off a scheduled training session if you have someone there depending on you to show up. Choose someone who will not let you off the hook easily and who will push you to be the best you can be when you’re at your class, hike or session together.

    4. Sign up for a fitness event. This might be a mini-triathlon, an obstacle-style run (think Foam Fest, Spartan and Tough Mudder),or even a strength challenge event like Femsport or Strongman. You will be less likely to jam out on it once you have paid your registration fee. You know the saying: Put your money where your mouth is! Also, having it on your calendar will spur you on to train for it, and if you have a buddy do it with you, you will not only be fulfilling your goal, you’ll be having FUN!

    5. Consider posting your workouts on social media. Friends and family will take notice and not only will they likely help keep you accountable if they start seeing a decline in your fitness posts, but they will also undoubtedly encourage you along your journey. And who doesn’t need a little encouragement now and then?  Posting fitness photos serve as a great way to track your progress, as you often don’t notice day-to-day gains (or losses, if you’re thinking weight here) but comparing a post from today to one taken three months ago will definitely serve as incentive and positive reinforcement!

My 5 Ps (Proper Planning Promotes Peak Performance) WORK, so what are you waiting for? Get out that scheduler and start PLANNING!